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Turnaround Consulting

The ability for a business to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment creates a unique set of challenges for all stakeholders.  Status quo is seldom the answer.  Companies need to react quickly to market movements, anticipate market needs and implement outcomes designed to take advantage of market trends.  Enhanced management, shedding of businesses, restructuring balance sheets and renegotiating key contracts are just some of the critical tools available to effectuate a successful restructuring.

DSI’s professionals work tirelessly with stakeholders to provide the client with best-of-practice advice and support in the face of significant operational, financial and strategic challenges.  Stabilizing operations, improving efficiencies and providing strong leadership are just a few of the services we provide in order to maximize value for all stakeholders.  Our services include:

  • Crisis and Interim Management.  Our team of professionals is available to either enhance or fill key management roles.  Immediate focus on liquidity management, business plan development and implementation, balance sheet structure and leadership are among the key steps we will undertake to help improve performance.
  • Bankruptcy Fiduciary.  Circumstances arise during the pendency of a bankruptcy case where it is in the best interests of the estate that a fiduciary be appointed to oversee and take control over the management of the debtor.  In addition, upon confirmation of the debtor’s plan, provision may be made for the appointment of a post-confirmation fiduciary, such as a trustee or plan administrator who is tasked as the successor in interest to the debtor’s estate to manage the wind down of either non-core or remaining assets.  DSI’s experience as bankruptcy fiduciary is significant, extensive and broad-reaching. Our professionals have served as trustee and other independent fiduciary roles in a number of large, complex cases, many of which have attracted great interest from the media and the general public.
  • Committee  Advisory Services.  We have years of experience working seamlessly with creditor constituencies to ensure that maximum recoveries are achieved. We are able to discreetly review and provide a thorough analysis of the debtor’s financial and operational performance, comment upon the validity of business plans and financial projections, provide real-market values of assets and work with both ad-hoc and official creditors’ committees in the development of plans of reorganization.  We will undertake all due diligence needs as well as provide monitoring of any asset portfolios.
  • Monitoring Services.  Once a restructuring has been successfully completed, we will work on behalf of the various stakeholders to monitor performance against expectations and provide appropriate guidance to ensure that the company takes full advantage of all opportunities to succeed.