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Forensic Accounting

In an environment of heightened scrutiny, circumstances abound with the need to look beyond the numbers. Questions relating to accounting improprieties, accuracy of financial reporting, fraud and regulatory inquiries represent some of the instances where DSI is retained to provide forensic and litigation support services.   DSI’s staff includes a number of professionals with specific forensic accounting experience as CPA’s and lawyers. Our services include:

  • Expert Testimony. DSI’s professionals have on a number of occasions served as an expert witness in those instances where one’s skill, knowledge, experience, training and education are required in a particular litigation matter.
  • Preference Analysis. Part and parcel of many bankruptcy filings is the need to ascertain whether any payments made by the debtor immediately prior to the filing can be recovered as a preferential transfer. DSI has undertaken this analysis on numerous occasions on behalf of the debtor.
  • Fraudulent Transfers. A critical element in the outcome of any bankruptcy is a determination with respect to the point in time the debtor actually became insolvent. DSI will perform the requisite look-back analysis and substantiate its findings to best represent the party in interest.
  • Valuation Disputes. Valuation differences between parties are not uncommon and DSI’s ability to analyze asset values coupled with its core market knowledge has allowed us to successfully resolve valuation disputes for over twenty years.
  • Internal Fraud Review. Unfortunately, fraud investigations have become a way of life as complexities within corporate financial structures have increased. As a result of greater board scrutiny, regulatory inquiries or simply internal fraud risk assessment, there is increased need for independent fraud review, a task that DSI’s team of professionals have performed well for many years.