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Mandy Yedidsion


  • DSI - Los Angeles

Mandy Yedidsion joined DSI’s Los Angeles office in 2015.

Professional Profile

During her occupation at DSI, Ms. Yedidsion has been working on various engagements including business wind downs, financial advisory, liquidations and litigation support.

Prior to joining DSI, Ms. Yedidsion was the executive assistant to the CEO of Namco Capital Group, Inc. a large real estate investment company. As the sole remaining post-bankruptcy Namco employee, Ms. Yedidsion assisted with the wind-down and liquidation of a large portfolio of assets while also providing administrative, financial analysis, document auditing and accounting assistance to the Trustee.

Prior to that, Ms. Yedidsion was the manager of one of the top three U.S. companies in the Persian entertainment industry where she handled all bookkeeping, corporate accounting, and global distribution.

Select Engagements

B&H Education, Inc., Beverly Hills Bancorp, C.M. Meiers Company, Co Opco, LLC, Namco Capital Group, Shepherd University, SK Foods and Variant Holding Company.